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Thursday night competition in the thirteenth week of the thirteenth week of the regular season, the Dallas cowboy challenged his opponent's red skin in Washington. The winning percentage is less than 50%, but still maintained a playoff hopes theory. Dallas Cowboys sluggish performance this season, remove the consistently strong offensive line injuries with mediocre defensive line to blame. By the end of twelfth weeks, the cowboys' defensive second line had only contributed 6 times to cut off and tied for twenty-fifth place, and the average pass success rate of the players reached 63.9%. This performance is also below the level of the league's middle reaches. Fortunately, some of the red skin is not famous, and the performance is poor. Whether or not to limit the opponent's pass will be th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e spoon of the cowboy's victory. red skin to win, it must rely on the main force of the quarterback Kirk - koxin's best performance. There was an obvious change in the performance of koxin this season. For seventh weeks, cousins of the passing score of 117.5, the League quarterback in first; although the holiday week after the team's performance is unsatisfactory, but cousins maintain a high state of the game. Faced with the poor defensive second line of the Cowboys this season, it is reasonable to believe that Cousins will have a highly successful passing game, but whether we can win the game depends on whether these passes can be transformed into the touchdown. red skin to win must play a decent pass, and the cowboy win must be effective to limit the pass. However, it is easier to stay in good condition than to change the depressed state, so I think the red skin is the end of the 2016 season, DeMarcus wale (DeMarcus Ware) announced his retirement. But after that there are several teams tried to win over the defensive players, let him return to the game. But Will has not continued the battle. but teach children is good. After retiring, Will worked at NFL Network for one year, and the contract is now due. According to ESPN reports, this week will "try pointing descendants" about knowledge transfer at. Weill spent the day teaching cowboy rush hands, but he wanted to make a bigger impact this year. He also thought Rod Marinelli, a defense coordinator, would accept his own Rod. "he knows my skills and knows what I'm doing about the game." Will said, "I will teach the players technology and tactics, and he likes my way, too." will be the ambassador for the draft in the draft in Dallas in April this year.because the quarterback Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer) is still in the shoulder rest period, the bench four point guard Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton) to alliance on concussion recovery test led the team currently only 1 healthy quarterback, the Cardinals need for emergency backup in the free player market. they finally opted in Steelers, crow, Bill, Denis and other eagle team wandering over Dixon (Dennis Dixon), the 29 year old University of Oregon produced players in the Steelers had learned when the Cardinals Jose Bruce - Ali Anssi (Bruce Arians) tactical system, this to help him into the team. if Palmer and Stanton was unable to play in the next week to red in the game, the Cardinals will be forced to use rookie quarterback Logan Thomas (Logan Thomas) as a starter.Our football equipment network by Nike inspired all black jersey of the Swedish Super League club AIK launched, we decided for the European football giants have also launched the corresponding black shirt, let's look at the US Barcelona Black Jersey, Manchester United and Real Madrid launched! Based on the new Manchester black shirt has a similar appearance design of contact, including the Central Jersey is positive the notorious Chevrolet crosshair is black. as the shirt, the black shirt of Real Madrid is based on the concept of the new Adidas Climachill template design, not only for the brand's 2018 World cup jerseys, the main design is also the 2018-19 season.

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