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The official website of NFL and | Steelers coach Tomlin's contract until 2018 | football since 1969 Pittsburgh Steelers only three coach, they did not intend to let the boss leave soon. ??????????????????????????????-?????(Mike Tomlin)?????2018?????? The 43 year old Tomlin since 2007 has served as the team coach. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the new contract will let Tomlin become one of the highest three to five coach coach NFL salary but also all sports league. Mike has proved that he is one of the top managers in the league. We are confident that he will continue to lead the team to compete for the next Super Bowl champion, and Art Rooney II, the president of the team, said in a statement. Tom Lin said in a statement, "I really appreciate this renewal, but my concern has always been on the challenge of facing the 2015 season ahead. In the past nine years, the Steelers for my family is a wonderful experience, and I look forward to pursuing Steelers annual goals for Pittsburgh City, another super bo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping wl champion. Although for a long-term plan for the Steelers Tomlin there is some speculation, a lot of facts on Tomlin in eight seasons: the good, the team never had a losing season, they made the playoffs five times in total. Twice led the team to the Super Bowl Tomlin and win a championship. His regular season was 82 - 46 and he won more than 46 in the playoffs (5 - 4). is similar to the quarterback, and a good coach is hard to find and almost impossible to replace, especially in a rapidly changing competitive environment today. Tomlin has just begun and he wanted to make sure the Steelers feel at home.NFL official website: | saints boss plans to let Bracey first play football | four point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) is ready to return to the field from the shoulder injury and take part in the Sunday night match. , I think he plans to start. We are all planning to start him. Sean, Sean Payton, said at a news conference on Friday that he was going to play Bracey in the injury report. He looks very good today. I think he will start the first and according to his performance every day this week, I think he has made the progress we are looking for. it's not a complete guarantee that Bracey will start, but it's very close - it might mean making a start. Bracey missed the last week in the face of the Carolina Panthers game, this is his first career out of NFL. The urgent need to win streak of saints. Facing the Dallas cowboys' Sunday night match, it looks like a win game, especially for the cowboys who got 39 points last week when facing Atlanta falcons. won't solve all the saints' problems with Bracey's return to the stadium. They were completely without a pass, the second line defense was battalion and the performance was bad. But the saints in the offensive group rushed the ball has plenty of firepower and really be able to move forward in the first two week Rees out of the station. Bracey's return obviously can help, though the cowboy may stick to the saints' short distance pass route to let Bracey prove that he can pass the ball successfully. A shoulder injury after his long ability greatly affected in the game against the Tampa Bay buccaneers.Tampa Bay pirates got a veteran who started more than 100 games. According to the official website of NFL reporter, the team has and the former Indianapolis pony right tackle - Gus Qielilusi (Gosder Cherilus) is a 2 year, $7 million contract agreement. played for the pony after 8 years, Qielilusi team was sacked last month. His knee injury problem was the root cause that the horse finally chose to give up. Due to piracy, starting right tackle DeMar Dotson (Demar Dotson) a knee injury, the urgent need for a team with combat capability of the players to fill the vacancy. The attack front of pirates has always been the short board of the team. Last season, both pass and ground attack, the attack front has not been able to provide enough help. In the new season, the champion quarterback jenss Winston (Jamies WInston) and the running Doug Martin (Doug Martin) all want to prove their value. For the two of them, what level of help can be provided by attack frontlines, which will directly affect their performance.Baltimore tight end Denis Crow - pita (Dennis Pitta) in the past two seasons have been plagued by injuries, but he for the upcoming season is still full of confidence. Pita said: "I feel very good, but now is still in accordance with the procedures. I know very well about my recovery and I am confident that I will return to the game in the new season. The 2012 season is pita peak, at that time he was regarded as the most beautiful medium catch ability of proximal Feng excellent. However, he had only 7 appearances in the next 2 seasons. Next month, pita is about 30 years old, the next season he will take full security 4 million salary. The team, will continue to give pita recovery time. in the draft, the crow picked up the near end Marx - Williams (Maxx Williams), which is expected to be the first to start in the rookie season. If not timely return the pita, another tight end will be Crockett - Gil Moore crow (Crockett Gillmore). Pita said: "I'll try to return to the stadium. Injury is part of the game and you have to try to do the best. "

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