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The official website of NFL and Mark - Sanchez dissatisfaction failed in the competitive advantage, the first football nest The Denver Broncos quarterback Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) for three people are even starting quarterback competition is very frank. saw his first rival Trevor Siemian on Saturday, and at the same time, Sanchez could at least say he was dissatisfied with his performance when he first appeared in the first battle and he was mixed up when he came on the stage. I felt I had wasted the opportunity to stand out, Sanchez told reporters after losing 24-31 of the wild horse to 49 in San Francisco. Bad quarterback. Sanchez was almost perfect at one time. He started passing the ball 10 times 9 times, but then he almost passed the pass. Then something bad happened: two times before the end of the half court, one of which was his responsibility and he didn't perform well at the beginning of the second half. theory is the No. three quarterback Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch) 26 passes 15 times successfully gained 113 yards and 2 touchdowns 1 passes by steals. He told reporters confidently after the game that he thought he could still get the first start. , though hard to criticize the quarterback's performance in the pre - season, is the worst for the wild horse. Simeon was the opponent steals back attack of his performance is very efficient in passing. Sanchez finished 9 times 10 times before dropping the ball.The official website of NFL | saints rookie is expected to fill the Garrett departure | football last week, the New Orleans saints cut Chong military junior Garrett (Junior Galette) the news sparked controversy in September last year, the saints and Garrett signed a contract cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in 4 years and $41 million 500 thousand, less than a year will be cut out team could not help but let the outside world surprised. Gareth is off the main reason he was cut, but cut so talented players will pass a rush of saints defense have no small blow. Fortunately, the saints have a backup plan, the team already has a potential impact on people, he is the two round of this year show Hawuli - Kazakhstan (Hau 'Oli Kikaha kiikka). Kikaha was an excellent runner during his playing in University of Washington. His success rate was 3-4 in all the third draft of the draft. Of course, he still needs to adapt himself to the offensive and defensive level of the professional field. In addition, he was completely suppressed last season in the face of Stanford University Andrews Peter (Andrus Peat, who was also a saint new year this year), which is called the worst performance of the season, which is also worrying. But we are full of confidence in the potential new person, even if he is only used as a pure flush hand. on how to use the base card ah, can draw on the Elvis crow Saint Ndume Weil (Elvis Dumervil) use. The crow xhumo, playing gear ratio control in 56.5%, at the same time with Ndume Weil on the court, he is at hand in the 66.6% pass as file number. Always play so Jikaha the file number will be less than Garrett, but at chuandang ratio is higher than garrett.Beijing time was in the early November 13th, and the tenth week competition began in a civil war in the East. The home - run New York jet is facing the challenge of buffalo Bill. Although Bill had a 19 point lead, the jet was reversed in the last 3 minutes. It was good for the defensive team to guard against the 4 - gear attack of the jet, helping Bill get the key game. The final score was 22:17. first game, the two sides tested two rounds, the jet engine rate first rushed into the Bill red area. But the attack in the red area could not be converted to array. The jet took the lead of the 3:0 with a free kick. And Bill's side three round offense only took 2 first attacks, unable to rewrite the score before the end of the first game. The first section of Harding Park, Bill 0:3 jet. In the second quarter of , Bill's attack still didn't start. But the defense team contributed a copy, and Bill turned it into a free kick. Then the special service made the jet's kicker, Devin Smith (Devin Smith), and hit the score. But the additional points did not kick in. Bill 9:3 has gone over the score. At the end of the festival, Bill still expanded the score with a free kick. At the end of the half, Bill 12:3 took the lead in the jet. third games, Bill finally found the attack state, four quarterback ty Rhodes - Taylor (tyrod Taylor) found a move to safety in the middle of running back Carlos Williams (Karlos Williams), Williams ran the last few yards, harvest a touchdown. Bill 19:3 jet. The jet is just to get the ball back again off the ball mistakes, this is Chris ivory (Chris Ivory). With this opportunity, Bill got a 19 point lead with a shot. At this time the jet finally responded. Harvard man Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) on the left side of the short passes to Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall), Marshall running completed 14 yard pass touchdowns. Three zhanba Bill is still leading the jets at 22:10. fourth games, the two sides sent two rounds of no first round of the round, and the jet chance to break the deadlock. Eric Dekker (Eric Decker) received a 31 - yard pass from Fitzpatrick and reduced the difference to 5 points. Bill is a jet at 22:17. No first attack of Bill, but because the center opened the ball bad, abandoned the kicker can not hold the ball, forced to fall. The jet ushered in the great opportunity to comeback. But the attack started from Bill's 13 yards did not take the first attack in the 4 gear, and the jet missed the opportunity. Although the jet got the ball at the end of the day, Fitzpatrick's pass was copied again. Jets regret Bill. The final score was set at 22:17.Lining Li Lishan handball for Hong Kong Games flame preheating | East Asian Games track and field | hand Association second Hong Kong Games opened in Tseung Kwan O stadium the night of May 9th, flying flame by the Beijing Olympic Games China gymnastics legend Lining in conjunction with the Hongkong windsurfing champion Li Lishan, the two torches lit the torch on the field be made one. Li Jinliang agency issued photo news agency in May nine Hongkong Xinhua (reporter Liang Jin) second Hong Kong Games opening ceremony on the evening of nine held in Hongkong Tseung Kwan O stadium, for the Beijing Olympic Games torch flying point China gymnastics legend Lining in conjunction with the Hongkong windsurfing champion Li Lishan, two torch two for one, a torch lit. The Tseung Kwan O stadium is about four hundred million Hong Kong dollars for Hongkong. While Hong Kong Games opening ceremony in a lot of East Asian Games elements through large dance and drum performance highlights the 2009 East Asian Games in Hongkong participating in the national or regional cultural characteristics and held the twenty-three sports, was held in December this year, the East Asian Games will move up. at eight p. m., more than a thousand athletes from the eighteen District of Hong Kong came in, opening the curtain for the twenty-four days of the Hong Kong sports meeting. Donald Tsang, the chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, who hosted the opening ceremony, announced the official start of the games at eight forty. Special? The Secretary for home affairs, Ceng Decheng, said at the end of this year that the Hongkong East Asian Games will be held at the end of this year. The HKSAR government is actively preparing for the games. As a prelude to the East Asian Games, the Games will do well in the field testing. The biennial sports meet is one of the largest sporting events in Hongkong. The government hopes to take part in the East Asian Games to be drills at the end of this year. However, as the purpose of the event is to promote sports, it does not accept the participation of elite athletes who have participated in the Olympic, Asian Games or international competitions. On the other hand, in the East Asian Games boom driven by the Hong Kong Games attracted more than two thousand and three hundred people enrolled in the last nearly doubled, athletes aged twelve to seventy-seven years old, in addition to athletics, badminton, basketball, table tennis match four, this year also added two new tennis and swimming project. the opening ceremony, called on behalf of the Asian cheshen Huang Jinbao and more than eighteen elite athletes in Hongkong and Hong Kong region participated in the torch relay. In addition, the district also performed cheerleading, cheerleading compete for the best honor; the ceremony also add singing performances, the scene is very lively. (finished)

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