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The official website of NFL, the veteran security guard Ann Terrell Rolle announced his retirement in rugby nest veteran Ann Terrell Rolle (Antrel Rolle) decided to retire and be satisfied with his decision. He was selected in the first round of the draft, selected the professional bowl at three degrees and won the super bowl. Rolle revealed his decision on Monday morning on the NFL website. He played for the Chicago bear last season. I retired, yes, I retired, Rolle said. I feel calm. I'm very quiet. You know, as I said, you were 33 years old and were put in a list of injuries last season, this time to scare a lot of teams. I understand how the team works, and I can accept that. The often outspoken safety and health career total made 834 tackles, 4 sacks, 8 forced off the ball, 69 damage pass, 26 steals and 5 defensive touchdowns group. His last season playing in Arizona Cardinals selected occupation bowl, in four years to play for the New York giants and selected two occupation bowl, in the first two seasons in the giant cheap nfl jerseys free shipping giant played recently best performance. even though Rolle said he retired on Monday, he might have been thinking like this for some time. Rolle had only seven games for the Chicago bear last season, after which he was suffering from a sprained medial collateral ligament. In his eight year career before the bear team, he was only absent from a match. although he may never revered like the safety level of the hall of fame, Rolle will be evaluated for the perfect team, full of spirit and occupation is the team leader, he was never afraid to revive in the locker room during the team losing streak. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.has a lot of social media broke the news recently, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) will participate in the "dancing with the stars" next season's record. because of the recent interaction between Brown and tweet on the show, people have speculated that the reality show should be true. The official said that the team to Brown will appear in the show did not know, the team is currently the focus of all in the draft. if Brown determined to participate in the twenty-second season of dancing with the stars program, then he will be the third Steelers players participated in the program, after Haines - Ward (Hines Wards) and Jacob Jones (Jacoby Jones). This program has invited Jerry NFL (Jerry Rice), Emmet Smith (Emmitt Smith), Michael Erwin (Michael Irvin) and other NFL stars before. is reported to be broadcast on March 8th in the United States time.Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) is considering copying Toni - Romo (Tony Romo). , the former Chicago bear quarterback, is still unwanted (at least as the first quarterback). According to a number of people, he is studying to be a rebroadcast guest after his retirement. Cutler and his agent have talked with many TV management personas about the role of the football players. People familiar with the matter said that Cutler had participated in the audition at least one TV station in recent weeks. It is not clear how Cutler is going and is not sure whether he is negotiating a contract, but his participation in the audition shows that he is seriously considering joining the TV circle. Cutler's agent previously said Cutler had not retired, and "as far as I know, he wants to play and he will play if he has the right offer." But he refused to comment on Cutler's ambitions in the TV circle. began in the offseason, the New York jets, Houston Dezhou, Cleveland Brown and San Francisco 49 people have not found the answer to quarterback. The jet had contacted Cutler, it looked like the opportunity to arrange the trial but jet team finally signed Josh - McKoen (Josh McCown). At the same time, 49 people signed the veteran Blaine Hoyer and Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley). In the draft, Dezhou and Brown both picked up the new year quarterback. They could sign the veteran quarterback again at some time, but they didn't have much interest in Cutler. Cutler, who had spent 8 seasons in Chicago, was selected by Denver wild horse for the first round of the 2006 Draft. He had only 5 games in the last season, and he was cut off on the first day of the free agent market. Cutler's transition to the TV circle will be an interesting topic because he has never been the most suitable person to the media. And sometimes he looked miserable on the court and at the post - game press conference. if Cutler finally decided to retire and become a broadcast guest, he would have to show the charm and the ability to analyze the game for the audience. His performance in the game was criticized, but the man who had taught him said he had a deep understanding of the game.Every player on the stadium wants to be able to play every minute on the court, and BodyShield is a secret weapon to help them. It can provide strong protection for players in the face of impact. The new breathable material can effectively reduce temperature and sweat, and at the same time, it can be less than bacterial breeding. Ergonomically tailored tailoring allows players free movement.

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