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| handball Sixth East Asian handball Club Championship in Jiangsu ended | hand Association Luca sponsored by the Asian handball League, the China Handball Association and Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, the Sixth East Asian handball Club Championships Men's and women's competitions were held respectively in April 25, 2009 to 29 in Suzhou City, Jiangsu province and Changzhou City, Japan and South Korea respectively sent their highest level handball club teams participated in the competition. annual East Asian Club competition is held in China, Japan and South Korea. As the host country, the Organizing Committee of China will focus on standardizing operation and details from the details of its organization, and its operation plan is highly operational. sports teams compete with each other, compete with each other and interact with each other, fully displaying the characteristics of handball in China, Japan and South Korea. Through this event, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the Chinese team makes a comprehensive warming up and test for the upcoming handball game in the National Games. The final team to win the 1-4 place in the men's competition is Korea Dou Shan, Japan Datong special steel team, China Beijing team and Jiangsu team. Article 1-5 won the women's team for the construction team, Chinese Bishan: South Korea, Japan, Anhui's OMRON team Chinese Jiangsu and Shandong team. during the game on April 28th was held at the same time the East Asian Handball Federation meeting, on behalf of China, Japan and South Korea, Macao, Taipei Chinese Chinese attended the meeting, Chinese hand Association executive vice president, Asian Handball Federation vice president Meng Wei attended the meeting and made a speech, the problem of East Asian handball development has carried on the discussion and consultation. the seventh East Asian handball club is to be held in South Korea in 2010. (Wang Jun)NFL????????49?????????????????????????????? San Francisco 49 will be in the season finale against the Seattle Seahawks, then they will end this frustrating and disappointing season. The coach kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) the first year of coaching, they retreated. now, 49 people need to make a change in the offseason. Their goal is to return to the top level of the alliance that was once a long time. according to the number of informed sources, the team boss Jed - York (Jed York) and the team's key decision makers are expected to be fired general manager Trent Barker (Trent Baalke) and kelly. They say 49 people are expected to clean up the team. will not make a final decision until the end of the final match. But it would be very surprising if Kelly or Barker could stay in the team. since 2005, 49 people have never been looking for a new manager and a new general manager. If the final 49 people dismiss Kelly, they will be looking for a new manager for two years. That means they have a large coach pay to pay, but people know nothing is more important than remaking a successful team. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Carolina Panther Mike Mike Tolbert doesn't care if you like the celebration of the Black Panthers. He will not be modest with Denver's quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning), Mike. "we really don't care about whether it's his last game," Tolbert told the media. "How much did he play - 18, 19 years?" He's got enough honor. Do you know what I'm talking about? Now it's our turn. " Panther safetys Trevor - Boston (Tre Boston) agreed to Talbot statement, he said he in the Super Bowl in steals Manning did not feel sad. "so if a person has the last piece of pizza in the world, will you snatch the last pizza?" Boston said. "Only one of you can live! Only one of us can win, and I don't want to lose. Only you and this one are left. Will you survive? I tried to win. I don't care who you are. " fans can expect to see a lot of praise for the Manning Hall of fame in the super bowl, but the compliments won't come from the Panther. Black leopard is going to the bay area for very different reasons.[Photo] Hubei Kangba bowling cup in April, winning high | Shanhu Bowling 4 the evening of Sept. 26, April Hubei bowling tournament held in Kham, Hubei University, bowling game results, fly, arc in the top six players in a high flying saucer player Shanhu to 877 points to win the training camp in Hubei national bowling team player Kong Min in 811 won the female arc second, 801 won the third Fu Zheping player UFO and another national bowling team player Peng Rui won with 800 female arc fourth, Hubei player Ma Jun won the fifth to 797 arc, UFO player Liu Qifa won the sixth to 786. Ma Jun, Peng Rui, Liu Qifa, Gao Shanhu, Kong Min, Fu Zheping

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